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2.33 Do dress codes pick on girls?

Do dress codes disproportionately target girls? We talk about what these situations do to a girl’s self esteem, body image and life long messaging. We also discuss how to balance respect for authority with self respect 

2.15 Eat Pretty Darling

Our guest Katie runs the Instagram account, Eat Pretty Darling. She is talking to us about all the tips she has found along the way! 

2.6 Baby needs fed BUT SO DOES MOM!

The focus is all on the baby after birth but what about mom? This week it’s registered dietitian and certified specialist in pediatric nutrition Kelli Pitrone. She tells us what we should be putting into our bodies after birth to help get “us” back. 

43. Goodbye 2020

Let’s be honest, we are glad 2020 is gone. We look back on the year and look forward to another one.

39. Turkey tips

However your Thanksgiving looks this year, it will probably still involve food. We are getting great turkey tips and beyond from our friend and chef, Candace Rinke.

38. Hey mama, can you have it all?

Can you have it all? This week we talk with professor, entrepreneur, and mother of 7, Karen Wonders about balancing it all. She started the non-profit organization Maple Tree Cancer Alliance.

36. Teach me about boys

Teach me about boys. Natalie is having a baby boy and she has lots of questions for Katie! Disclaimer: this is just us talking. We know personalities vary and not all boys fall into the categories we talk about .

35. The breast cancer she knew was coming

With a rich family history of breast cancer, she hoped it would skip her but deep down she knew her diagnosis would come. Nikki shares her incredible story of battling breast cancer and having a major and rare complication with her a double mastectomy surgery.

29. Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnant again after miscarriage, stillbirth, or loss of your child. It’s an emotional ride packed with so many different emotions.

27. Yes, school sucks this year. Here are some tips

We know school looks different for everyone this year. In this episode, we talk with a teacher to discuss virtual learning, what’s it really like for teachers and what parents can do to help their kids be successful during this time.

26. Away from home and on their own

When kids turn 18 many leave the house to head to college or start a job. This is great insight from our Licensed Independent Social Worker to prepare any parent for some top issues that happen with this age group.

8. Finding your YOU again

After kids many of us get stuck. We identify as only one thing: mom. This mom shares her transformation story of how she found herself again and her advice on what you can do too.

7. The monster that is postpartum depression

No one told you it was a possibility. How could the happiest time of your life be shadowed by dark thoughts and a lack of emotion? Sometimes it’s our turn to let you in. This is Katie’s story of taming the beast that is postpartum depression.

6. If you don’t know your Enneagram type, you’re missing out!

Executive life coach and certified Enneagram teacher, David Charpentier breaks down the personality types and explains how knowing them can help you parent better!

David Charpentier

5. Intimacy in isolation

During any stressful situation topics like sex, intimacy, connection with our partner are not always top of mind, especially in chaotic situations. This episode we talk with a marriage/family counselor and sex therapist, Randi Levinson.

4. I’m losing my F&*%ing mind.

It’s okay not to be okay right now. If you are losing your mind, so are we! Our social worker is breaking down the mental health aspects of this once in a lifetime pandemic. Our Licensed Independent Social Worker, Mike gives us some tips!

3. Coping through crisis

Uncertainty and disappointment are common feelings as we navigate this pandemic. Tony Miltenberger helps us cope through the crisis. 

2. Parenting and teaching through a pandemic

The world is changing everyday due to the pandemic. Parents have had to adjust every facet of their lives and in many cases become the teacher, overnight. Help is here! What you should know from a teacher. 

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