43. Goodbye 2020

1:30- Last episode of 2020!2:55- Biggest lesson 2020 taught us5:03- Biggest blessing of 20206:53- Most challenging part of 20209:27- Goals for 2020? Did we meet them?11:15- Goals for 202113:50- Baby update!16:40- Katie update19:15- Season 2 is in the works! 20:13- Favorite episode of 202022:59- We will be back in February23:20- Minute with Mike. Words of wisdomContinue reading “43. Goodbye 2020”

42. Moving through a bitter divorce

Divorce can be bitter and co-parenting is not easy. We talk with Pam who sheds light on navigating the situation when things don’t end smoothly. Follow us on Instagram: @amomslifepodcast@KatieLKenney@ntendallClick here for our website and like us on Facebook @amomslifepodcast 1:11- Katie & Natalie talk holiday stress and divorce5:30- Welcome Pam!6:51- Pam’s backstory. Divorced 10 years ago with oneContinue reading “42. Moving through a bitter divorce”