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Welcome to a Mom’s Life! We designed this podcast to be real, vulnerable and everything mom or dad. Everyone has a story and that story can help someone else. Settle in and cozy up. Join us every week as we explore the triumphs and tragedies on this journey of “A Mom’s Life.” Listen now!


Natalie is mom to 4 year old Emma, baby Cameron and Samuel who was born sleeping at 33 weeks in 2019. She has been married to her husband Doug since 2015. She was born in Iowa but now lives in Ohio. She loves barre classes, a capella music, peppermint paddies and in-depth conversations over a nice glass of wine or cup of coffee . She is a former television investigative journalist who now does marketing. After the stillbirth of her son, Natalie took comfort in connecting with other loss moms. She hopes A Mom’s Life can be that comfort for parents all over no matter what they’re going through.

“Motherhood brings so many joys but it can also bring heartache and struggles. When we are open, vulnerable, and honest, we show our true strength and that can help so many people.”

  • Where you do your best thinking: In the shower or on the spin bike.
  • What calms you? Music.
  • Word you say most often? Yes? Usually responding to the 100th time my daughter has said, mommy!


Katie is wife to Scott of 14 years, mother of Beckton (12), Kalvin (10), and Lucia (4). She was born and raised in Dayton, OH where she proudly calls home. She loves bourbon, fireflies, country music and all things Jason Bateman. As a former television host, Katie lives to ask questions and cultivate a conversation. She has endured endometriosis, postpartum depression, and breastfeeding induced sepsis. She has also had a home birth! Katie hopes A Mom’s Life will build a community to help moms and dads navigate parenthood.

“Sharing our stories, especially the things least talked about, like mental health, can be just the lifeline someone needs to feel like the sun will come up in the their world again.”

  • Where you do your best thinking? Laying in bed at night when I should be sleeping.
  • What calms you? Organizing a drawer.
  • Word you say most often? Either shit or QUIET!

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