2.17 Human trafficking. Stop googling. Start safeguarding.

We are breaking down myth vs fact on a practice that is becoming more and more common in America…human trafficking. 
Advocate and educator, Jessica joins us to arm parents with the RIGHT information about what this is and how we can protect our kids. 

2:00- Welcome Jessica
4:30- Her first introduction to human trafficking
6:00- Yes, it’s happening in the US
7:00- Modern day slavery
8:00- What it looks like
11:30- Do some states have higher rates? 
(It may surprise you)
14:45- No one is immune
16:15- How it happens
20:00- What parents can do
26:00- Who to be on the lookout for
26:26- Debunking social media trafficking myths
31:00- Hope of getting out once they are in it?
34:30- How the average person can help

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