2.14 A Mom’s Life: thinking out loud

Happy Mother’s Day!

:30- what our perfect Mother’s Day looks like
8:15- Best advice we have gotten from someone important in our life
10:30- Best advice for new moms
12:53- Best advice for a bereaved mom
16:00- Mom failure of ours — what we are working on
19:00- Something you think is a failure but we’ve decided to own
22:00- Unexpected moments. Things you won’t find in a mom book
28:00- Something you teach your kids everyday
29:10- Stage of parenthood that is the hardest
31:20- If you could outsource one thing from your mom todo list, what would it be?
32:35- Do you have a favorite kid? 
34:15- Something you never thought you would do as a mom that you do
37:45- Mom confession nobody knows

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