2.13 How to prevent your worst water nightmare

Welcome Amy! She is a mother of two and owner of Gold Fish swim school in Dayton. She is sharing tips about water safety and how to prevent your worst water nightmare.

5:30- what’s the one thing you would want parents to know. 

Leading cause of death for kids under age of 4. Water safety is forgotten topic.

7:00- can you really drown in one inch of water? 

7:26- always watch kids when at water focused vacations. 

8:00- when should we start with lessons? 

10:30- how confident should we be after swim lessons? Boys at greater risk

12:00 water watcher 

17:00- nobody is drown proof 

18:20-life jackets 

22:30- when is it ok to let kids go by themselves ? 

24:30- what skills do they need to know 

26- signs of drowning

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