2.12 Bullying: what if it’s your kid?

We talk about bullying, suicide and what parents can do. This is an eye-opening episode with Dr. Brian Ceccarelli, founder of itstime2.org.

Dr. Ceccarelli

6:15- Welcome Dr. Ceccarelli of Itstime2.org. 
10:25- The term bullying and how it gets used. 
12:50- Keeping a paper trail 
13:45- Where do we start as parents? Do we intervene or not?
15:20- Helping fight bullying starts with parents
17:20- How to make sure your child isn’t the bully
19:35- It’s Time 2 presentations and the iceberg metaphor. 
21:45- Does bullying start at home?
26:50- Empowering kids to speak up
30:25- Giving your kid a smart phone vs giving your kids keys to a car. What we need to be teaching them. 
33:00- Should we be talking about suicide more?
37:40- The note we should be leaving our kids
38:45- Communicating with your kids
41- Signs of suicide
48:00- Biggest message from the presentation for parents.
51:00- words of encouragement

Catch Minute with Mike at the end for his number 1 tip for parents when it comes to bullying.

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