2.8 The #1 tip for a good night’s sleep (and more!)

Season 2, Episode 8

Dr. Michelle Noel

1:15- Parents don’t sleep
2:37- Welcome Dr. Michelle Noel – Dayton Center for Neurological Disorders
3:42- How long should it take an average person to fall asleep?
4:59- Do daytime naps impact sleep?
5:38- Are power naps a thing?
6:23- Why our to do lists seem to come up at night
8:23- Do men and women differ in time it takes to fall asleep?
9:46- Circadian rhythm
10:51- Bedroom ambiance
12:50- What should your bedtime routine include?
14:13- Do we need 8 hours of sleep?
14:40- How much sleep do kids need?
16:30- What happens if we don’t get enough sleep?
17:50- Can we catch up on missed sleep?
19:50- The two things the bed should be used for
21:39- Light vs deep sleepers
22:50- Loud snoring
23:40- Is snoring normal?
26:00- Insomnia
27:20- Over the counter medication to help with sleep
28:40- Sleep apnea and treatment options
30:00- Alcohol and caffeine
32:00- Pillow type
35:30- #1 tip for sleeping

More information about Dr. Noel can be found here.  She practices at Dayton Center for Neurological Disorders.

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