2.6 Baby needs fed BUT SO DOES MOM!

Season 2, Episode 6.
The focus is all on the baby after birth but what about mom? This week it’s registered dietitian and certified specialist in pediatric nutrition Kelli Pitrone. She tells us what we should be putting into our bodies after birth to help get “us” back. 


1:15- Our bodies are amazing but we don’t always feel great after birth
3:30- Welcome Kelli
4:15- Why there is so much focus on prenatal care but not much on postnatal?
6:45- Nutritionally baby takes so much during pregnancy. We need to restore that. 
7:50- Water, water, water!
8:55- Iron
11:00- Why you need to pair Iron with Vit C. 
15:50- What other things we can do for our mood? Eating often!
17:40- Why you shouldn’t worry about weight loss in the first 12 weeks.
18:40- What foods promote healing
22:10- TIP: have snacks next to your bed!
25:05- What we DON’T want to put into our bodies
27:05- What can help promote rest?
29:30-Postpartum depression and what we eat

You can find more about Kelli here.

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