2.4 Nutrition: Myth vs. Fact

Season 2. Episode 4.
Get your family eating healthier with these tips from a nationally recognized nutritionist.

Dr. Amy Lee

:32- There’s a lot of information out there and it’s confusing to parents!
:54- Welcome Dr. Amy Lee.
1:39- We want to be healthier. Where do we start?
3:30- How do we know what’s best for our family?
4:50- What should our plates look like?
6:00- Drinking alcohol. New recommendations. How the pandemic has shaped our drinking habits
7:45- Why we stare at the fridge!
8:20- Snacks and kids. What do we give them?
9:00- Diets. What’s good? What’s bad? Is fasting good?
11:39- Gut health and what we need to know about it.
14:15- PRE biotics
15:30- Is breakfast good or bad?
18:00- Can we still have dessert?
19:30- What is the deal with Milk?
21:15- Grocery shoppers…this is what we need to be aware of!
23:18- Picky eaters
29:15- Kids menus suck.
31:20- Diet foods.
34:13- Supplements. What should we be taking?

Supplements Dr. Lee supports can be found here

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