2.2 Sex, intimacy, and a treehouse?

Last week we answered a LOT of questions from you, our wonderful listeners but we held one back for this week because we thought..why not make an entire episode about it!

Stephanie asked us how we make time for our marriages and what is something we do with our spouse every year no matter the challenges!

We loved that so much and since Valentines Day is right around the corner, we thought we would dive into love, relationships and spicing it up a bit more. 

3:15- Katie & Natalie answer how we make time for our marriage and what we do every year with our spouse. 

10:51 To help us expand this huge topic of relationships and romance…we are even bringing back our friend Randi Levinson. You might remember her from last season where she helped us stay intimate during isolation… she is a couple’s counselor and sex therapist and FULL of great advice.

12:00- First  off..a lot has changed since we talked to you last year around this time! You  have moved out of your tiny LA apartment and MOVED in with another family to create a “pandemic pod” – What is that? 

16:00- Last year we talked a lot about staying intimate during this crazy pandemic. Well, a year later, it is still going on. What new advice do you have for couples? 

18:45- What have you seen change with relationships and sex due to the pandemic?

21:00 – What we can do to strengthen our relationship. 

24:00- How someone can nourish eroticism within themselves.

25:30- If sex is not desirable, you are not going to want to do it. 
27:00 Happiness and sex. Are they linked? How much sex should we be having per week to be happier?
31:10- Why you can’t just “turn it on” at the end of the night. 
33:59- Intimacy killers for relationships. Why we need a safe space to be intimate in and what means.
36:53- 5 sexual blueprints. (Sexual, Sensual, Energetic, Kink or Shape Shifter) 
43:00- Intimacy killers for the bedroom. Maintain mystery to preserve intimacy.
46:52-  If there is some homework we could give all our listeners over the next week to help with their relationships, what would it be?

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