2.1 You asked, we answered

S 2. E 1- Welcome to Season 2 of A Mom’s Life! Whether you’re a first-time listener or a weekly listener, we’re happy you’re here and that you are back with us! You can subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts so you never miss an episode. Thank you for being a part of the “A Mom’s Life” community.

For our first episode of season 2, we wanted to do something fun and different. So we asked YOU for questions and we answered them! 

:54 Check in with Katie and Natalie. How’s life?
Let’s answer your questions!
7:20- Are there things you hate/dread about parenting, and if so, how do you tackle these things? 
9:10-What’s your favorite quote and why? How is it relevant in your life?
11:05- What advice would you give to someone who is wanting to start their own podcast?
12:00- What is your go to de-stressor after a long day of work/taking care of the kids?
14:15- Is your relationship with your kids similar to your parents’ relationship with you?
16:20- What has been your favorite stage/age parenting so far and why?
18:40- Favorite products or brands?
22:40- What is your favorite parenting hack?
28:29- What is your best parenting advice given to you by your grandparents or parents?
30:13- How did you decide to make a podcast? What’s our favorite episode? What’s a topic we want to cover but are hesitant to? What information do you wish you could spread to the world?
34:32- What is one book that every woman/mom should read?
37:20- What’s your favorite activity to do with your kids during winter/pandemic?
39:16- it important to have a “bucket list” or does that just set you up for disappointment if items can’t be met due to money, health and commitments? 
40:53- How do we figure out what each episode will be about and find people to interview? 
Have we every completely disagreed with their or each other’s point of view on a topic? 
42:15 – Do you have any advice for having a newborn during a pandemic? 
How do you work from home with a baby? 
48:10- What are your favorite go-to meals for your family that are quick and easy for weeknights? 
51:00- What are your long-term goals for the podcast? What do you want to achieve out of it?
54:25-One word to describe your parenting styles? 

57:35- Minute with Mike has an announcement! 

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