42. Moving through a bitter divorce

Divorce can be bitter and co-parenting is not easy. We talk with Pam who sheds light on navigating the situation when things don’t end smoothly.

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1:11- Katie & Natalie talk holiday stress and divorce
5:30- Welcome Pam!
6:51- Pam’s backstory. Divorced 10 years ago with one daughter. Her custody battle begins.
8:40- File for divorce or live in a home with no love?
9:30- Perfect storm. Job loss, divorce, devastating custody decision.
11:15- Leaving daughter with her dad and moved to another state
12:30- Doing what you have to do. Driving back and forth.
14:05- Nobody knows what kind of parent you are except you
15:30- How they didn’t make great co-parents and why she was so thankful for email!
16:50- Making sure her daughter knew she was loved at all times. Getting creative. and not counting on her ex.
20:30- Not venting to your child
26:30- Why she moved back to Indiana
27:54- What her time away gave her. Self-reflection and learning something from the divorce.
30:00- Why divorcecare.org is a great resource!
31:20- Co-parenting events you had to be at.
33:38- Why she gave her daughter a cellphone at age 9.
36:00- Finding learning opportunities in the struggle.
39:30- Navigating the holidays after divorce
42:15- Minute with Mike. Top three suggestions for navigating the holidays after divorce.

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