40. Holiday traditions and gift ideas

We’re a week into December now and while it isn’t ALWAYS about the gifts and shopping .. hey it’s 2020 and if ever there were a year to find ways to spark joy, this is it. 

We are talking gifts today. An entire gift guide of UNIQUE ideas for the people on your list. We can almost guarantee you haven’t thought of these ideas! We are bringing you some fun ones.

First things first, let’s talk STUFF. Do you feel like the kids get too much stuff? Does the whole thing stress you out? Katie has a 4 gift rule.

Do you wrap or leave unwrapped Santa gifts? It’s a discussion in Natalie’s home. She also has a new tradition that involves buying a gift in memory of her stillborn son, Samuel.
Katie does a unique advent calendar that involves giving back and more about thr reason for the season.

She also does a 12 days of beers (and rootbeers).

For anyone:

Calm Optics Blue Light Blockers. Everyone is on screens SO MUCH right now, they have sizes for kids and adults. They block that bad blue light and save your eyes. This brand works great and we love these glasses!

For Kids:

Piggy Paintpiggypaint.com
This nail polish is safe, fun for the kids, all kinds of cute colors, non-toxic and easy to clean off of hands and carpet! COUPON CODE: MOMLIFE

This cooking subscription box teaches kids about a country and a food popular from that country and/or culture. Hands on learning and a lesson on culture. COUPON CODE: MOM20

The Comfy – Kids will LOVE. The blanket that you wear. Extra warm, extra soft and extra comfy. Your kids will love this.

For Sibling or someone going through a hard time:

Strength for the Journey necklace – local to us but ships anywhere. Handmade pendant that you wear as a source of strength. Beautiful handmade pendants with a unique number on the back so you can register your pendant, wear it, then share it with someone special. The necklace gives you strength for the journey you’re navigating. 

Slim Chillers Skinny Freezer Wine Popsicles : slimchillers.com
Wine popsicle that comes in lots of flavors, for lots of fun, excellent gift for anyone over 21.

For parents:

PeachSkin Sheets. The coziest gift you can give! These sheets are the softest. Breathable and they come in a lot of colors. All sizes. So comfy. Like sleeping on peach fuzz.

For your friends:

Pure & Care Hair masks. Cheap but totally invigorating. Not expensive and totally invigorating hair masks that leave your hair silky, conditioned and smooth

Keep it Handsome Hair/Body/Beard care

Volo Hair towel hands down every time. Seriously, Natalie and Kaite love this and use it every time they wash their hair.

Old Fashioned Drink kit. The Cocktail Box Co. : thecocktailboxco.com
The perfect gift to make the premium cocktail. All the ingredients of your favorite handcrafted cocktail in one small box that could fit in your pocket. 

Pure Wine– wine wands that helps wine taste better and leave you less hungover.

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