39. Turkey tips

However your Thanksgiving looks this year, it will probably still involve food. We are getting great turkey tips and beyond from our friend and chef, Candace Rinke.

Her cooking and entertainment website can be found here.

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1:10: Intro to Candace
3:25: Cranberry Sauce
5:52: Gravy (Strain it)
7:06: Mashed Potatoes
10:00: How long things last in the fridge
11:45: Cookie baking.
13:28: How early to start prepping
14:05: Brine, brine, brine
16:45- Cooking a turkey
17:45- Take pop-up thermometer out and throw it away!
19:45- Carryover cooking
20:29- What to do if you overcook the turkey?
21:24: Dressing or stuffing
23:16- Dinner Rolls
25:08- When people want to help. What to do?
26:00- Why you should always have snacks
28:15- Drinking. How to prevent your guests from overserving themselves
32:45- Why you should break out the China!
34:05- Leftovers
37:30- Pies. Make your own crust!
39:25- Advice for someone who is hosting for the first time! 

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