38. Hey mama, can you have it all?

Can you  have it all? This week we talk with professor, entrepreneur, and mother of 7, Karen Wonders about balancing it all.  She started the non-profit organization Maple Tree Cancer Alliance.

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Meet Karen. She has 7 kids and runs a business!
Why see went into exercise science
Finding your passion in life
Why exercise during a cancer battle is important!
-Reducing pain, increasing energy and improves treatment tolerance!
How Maple Tree got it’s name
Katie’s connection to Maple Tree
23:00- Struggles she has had during her journey to starting this non-profit
26:00- Have you ever failed?
28:00- How she makes big decisions!
30:00- Balancing work and family life
Tips include:
Getting organized
Staying on schedule
making the most of nap time
Knowing it will not always look perfect
It’s OK to work in front of kids
Show your kids you are doing it!

34:00- She knows it’s hard to “do it all”
Faith and her calling
52:00- The Dayton Shooting tragedy and how that impacted her non-profit
57:00- Parting words of wisdom to other moms.
1:00:00- Can you have it all?

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