37. In sickness & in health. The couple the BOTH beat cancer.

#37. They did everything together. Including a simultaneous cancer diagnosis.

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1:30- The power of the word “cancer”
3:15- Welcome Kim Faris: mother, wife, grandma and radio host who beat cancer.
3:45- Her and her husband were diagnosed with cancer in the same week
5:00- How her husband found his tongue cancer
8:30- The breast scan and the news that followed
11:30- How do we tell our kids?
15:15- Challenge of fighting cancers at the same time. No one to take care of her.
20:20- Having your village of support
21:30- Why this happened to us? Having faith.
23:15- The “Am I going to survive this?” thought
26:45- Why so many people with cancer?
29:15- How women have the crazy ability to continually put everyone else before themselves.  Burt toast syndrome.
31:00- Being a public figure going through this journey
35:15- Why her happiness didn’t go away
36:30- Music therapy and how that has helped.
38:35- Staying positive as much as you can.
44:55- Minute with Mike (mortality, support, & what comes next)

Links that were mentioned:
Maple Tree Cancer Alliance
Pink Ribbon Girls
Noble Circle Project
American Cancer Society

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