35. The breast cancer she knew was coming

Episode 35. With a rich family history of breast cancer, she hoped it would skip her but deep down she knew her diagnosis would come.  Nikki shares her incredible story of battling breast cancer and having a major and rare complication with her a double mastectomy surgery.

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2:30- Welcome Nikki! A wife, mother of  4 and now breast cancer survivor.
3:15- Why she always knew she would be on this journey.
4:45- Being proactive and how that caught the cancer early.
8:30- Getting a biopsy and the after-hours call no one wants from the doctor.
13:00- Deciding to get her care at Ohio State.
14:15- She wants to remind women to not miss their appointments!
16:11- Was having the family history a blessing?
16:52- How she told her kids she had breast cancer
19:05- Pandemic hits and she is recovering. Why it was difficult to focus on herself.
20:20- Of course this timecode would be 2020. The story of her double mastectomy surgery and how it went really, really wrong.
24:00- The chilling ask from a nurse during the tense moments.
25:00- 6 blood transfusions later, she starts her recovery.
28:30- Nipple sparing mastectomy
31:04- Making that initial decision to take her breasts.
32:40- What Nikki’s message is to women.
35:13- Why she is getting her daughter tested at age 18!

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