34. Reinventing yourself from the outside in

Episode 34. It’s truly never too late to become whoever you want to be. Fitness trainer and The Biggest Loser Trainer, Erica Lugo shares her fascinating story of weight loss and all the things she gained along the way.

(minute by minute breakdown)
1:00- Have you ever wanted to reinvent yourself?
2:30- Welcome Erica!
4:50- She lost 160 pounds!! Was that her goal?
7:30- Her son triggered her desire to lose weight
9:30- Started with basics. Eating healthier, getting active
11:30- When you see benefits, it spurs your desire
12:30- Having control over her body
14:07- She is a Biggest Loser Trainer and she still has days she doesn’t want to show up
15:45- Why who she was as a woman changed
17:20- Biggest hurdle clients have is that one size does not fit all. We use blanket excuses because it’s easy
20:20- It can take years to undo the decades of negative thoughts about yourself
22:00- Taking care of yourself on the inside
22:52- The car accident that alerted her to a big health issue…thyroid cancer
29:15- Where her strength came from to get through it
34:12- Putting yourself out there and getting her spot on The Biggest Loser as a trainer!
40:00- What is it like on set?
44:00- What her son thinks of her. Staying humble in Ohio
46:15- Married during a pandemic
50:15- Tips for taking control of body and life
52:00- What would you tell the former you?

Erica’s website can be found here.
He monthly fitness program can be found here.
Instagram: @ericafitlove

-Minute with Mike (54:15)
Finding the root cause of why you are not losing weight.
Connecting control over weight to control over your emotions and attitude.

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