33. 1 in 4. Miscarriage matters

Rachel Lewis

Episode 33. Miscarriage and dreaming of what might have been for your family. It impacts 1 in 4 women. This month, we are recognizing all the parents who have lost a baby or infant. In this episode, we talk with author and speaker Rachel Lewis. she is an adoptive, foster, and biological mom. She experienced five pregnancy losses and writes about them on her blog, The Lewis Note, as well as at Still Standing Magazineand Pregnancy After Loss SupportShe is the founder of the online support group Brave Mamasthe safest place to grieve a child. Her first book, Unexpecting: Real Talk on Pregnancy Loss, releases August 2021.

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(minute by minute breakdown)
4:00- Rachel’s story. Back to back losses. Why she started to feel like it was part of her identity
8:00- The loss of hopes and dreams
10:30- Why is it taboo to talk about?
11:15- When there is no happy answers, it’s hard for society to deal with it.
12:30- The aftermath of a miscarriage
13:15- Why she felt like a stranger in her own body
18:00- Waiting period for trying again
21:20- Word and labels matter. Why it’s ok to talk about the differences.
22:50- Rachel’s ectopic pregnancy story
24:40- The commonalities of all pregnancy loss
26:05- Do we need a different word for miscarriage?
26:55- Thoughts on waiting to announce until the 12 week mark.
29:00- Reactions from others
29:50- What others should and should not say after a pregnancy loss
31:00- Why it’s ok to mention it.
31:15- Why you shouldn’t say “let me know if you need anything”
31:45- Silence hurts
34:15- Resources
36:30- Rachel’s new book coming out next year. Unexpecting: Real Talk on Pregnancy Loss
38:10- Partners and how we grieve differently
46:00- Last word to any mama who has experienced pregnancy loss.


Free guide for friends and family: “Your BFF Guide to Miscarriage” http://eepurl.com/c7cLLb

Brave Mamas Support Group: www.facebook.com/groups/bravemamas

Website: www.thelewisnote.com

Facbook.com: www.facebook.com/Thelewisnote

Instagram: @rachel.thelewisnote

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