32. If your thyroid is off, you might be too

It’s a problem that impacts more than 20 million people and a lot of moms!  According to thyroid specialist, Dr. Brittany Henderson, the thyroid contributes to the function of almost all systems in the body. When it goes wonky, you can start feeling off.

Dr. Brittany Henderson

Hypothyroid (when your thyroid is not working as much as it should) symptoms include weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, puffy face, muscle weakness, constipation and increased sensitivity to cold.

Hyperthyroid (when your thyroid is overacting) symptoms include unexpected weight loss, rapid heartbeat, excess sweating, or twitching.

Dr. Henderson discusses what can go wrong with your thyroid and what you can do about it. She also details what Hashimoto’s is and why it’s even more important to test our children early for it.

To learn more about Dr. Henderson and her practice go here or here.

For more information about her book go here.

Brittany Henderson, MD, ECNU is board-certified in internal medicine and endocrinology, with advanced training in thyroid disorders, including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves Disease, thyroid nodules, and thyroid cancer. 

(minute by minute breakdown)
:55- A problem that impacts more than 20 million people
1:20- Natalie shares her own story with Thyroid issues
4:25- So many women suffer from this
6:30- Hello Dr. Brittany Henderson
7:50- What is a thyroid?
9:08-Thyroid basically helps all functions of the body
10:05- When it becomes a problem. Why it runs in families.
11:05- Why we should be screening girls at 10 years old for thyroid issues
12:25- Why postpartum is a very common time to develop thyroid issues
16:00- Hyper vs. Hypo and what is your TSH?
18: T3 and T4
20:45- If your levels are off, what’s next?
22:30- Making sure you have a doctor who understands thyroid
23:30- Early intervention is key!

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