31. Don’t judge me

Things we’ve both been hardcore judged for … and maybe a few things we’ve judged others for too. Let’s stop judging!

1:00- Do you ever judge other parents? Let’s talk about it.
5:15- Swearing. When kids do it.
9:39- Screen time at home and at restaurants
12:49- Do we judge parenting on screen time?
14:02- Making a mess at restaurants
15:07- Messy eating
15:37- Are we failing as parents?
16:02- Breastfeeding
19:11- Homebirth
20:49- Pacifier
23:02- Sex ed and teaching your kids about the birds and the bees
28:03- Being too “dressed up” at school events
31:22- Spoiled kids
33:28- Using your kids to parent the younger siblings
35:06- Keeping kids out too late. Kids in bars.
37:46- Is it ever ok to judge?

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