30. Parenting together, apart

Divorce, co-parenting, and making it all actually work. It’s possible.


5:15- Introducing our guest, Amber
7:25- What it was like to tell your child about the decision to divorce
8:50- Child’s reaction
10:00- The most heartbreaking moment
11:35- Having that initial conversation with your spouse
12:35- Navigating feelings and making it about the child
13:32- The impact having parents who also divorced
16:55- Putting the child first and why that’s not easy all the time
18:45- Do you have to have more trust for your ex-partner than you do your current spouse?
23:25- The firsts
25:20- Routines and flexibility
26:15- Parenting styles and how they vary
*When should you tell your children what really happened?
29:30- New relationships. Dating again and talking to your child about it.
32:10- When other come in and want to change things immediately
33:30- Calling someone else mom or dad
37:10- Single mom challenge
40:40- What happened and why you shouldn’t tell your kids about it.
43:30- It’s not about you, it’s about them.
49:05- Final tips. Giving yourself a break.

How to talk to your children about divorce
What’s the main thing parents should consider when coparenting
-Navigating a strained relationship with your ex while coparenting

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