29. Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnant again after miscarriage, stillbirth, or loss of your child. It’s an emotional ride packed with so many different emotions. We talk with Clinical Social Worker and Founder of Pregnancy After Loss Support, Lindsey Henke. She gives insight on what to expect and how to navigate a pregnancy after loss. It’s also great advice for those people who know someone pregnant after loss.

Lindsey Henke

4:00- Welcome Lindsey Henke, founder of Pregnancy After Loss Support and Clinical Social Worker. Why she started her support group.
11:15- Difference between pregnancy and pregnancy after loss
12:10- No safe zone
15:00- A mother is born when a dream of a baby is conceived
15:50- Dancing with fear & hope
18:15- Questions that helped come to terms with current reality.
20:25- Taking moment by moment
21:25- Parenting before birth and fetal movement monitoring
24:10- Why pregnancy after loss is like getting back into a car after an accident and not being able to get back out for 9 months.
24:30- Loss support
25:20- Partners helping with pregnancy after loss.
29:05- Who grieves most online
32:40- Gender disappointment
36:15- Being pregnant after loss during a pandemic. The unintended consequences.
42:30- Not replacing child you lost and dealing with grief during pregnancy after loss
44- Why postpartum anxiety and depression is more common after a pregnancy after loss
49- How to be pro-active
51- Detachment after birth and why that’s normal
54:00- How long to wait after a loss to try again.
56:00- Resources and ways to support PALS.

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Natalie’s favorite apps to stay in the moment: Here and here.
Lindsey founded Pregnancy After Loss Support.
Some of her writings can be found here.
Lindsey’s blog can be found here

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