27. Yes, school sucks this year. Here are some tips

We know school looks very different this year for kids all over the place. This week we talk with a teacher to give parents some great advice to deal with virtual learning.

5:00- How Katie’s first week of virtual learning went in her house
6:00- It’s not the teacher’s fault
9:00- What Katie told her kids on day 1
16:45- Adversity and adapting to change
19:00- Tips for parents (mom to mom)
30:00- Welcome Kylie, science teacher from the Columbus area. Currently teaching virtually.
41:00- Advice for kids from a teacher
48:00- It’s going to take time. Give yourself grace
50:45- Help! Tips for parents 
55:00- Empowering kids who want to have a say
58:00- Using this pandemic as a teachable moment
1:00:00- Can you reach out to teachers?
1:02:45- Parting words of wisdom
1:05:00- Minute with Mike
Mental health of our kids and how what we should be saying
Will this all help us raise better, more well-rounded kids in the end?

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