26. Away from home and on their own

They may be away from home and on their own during a pandemic, but you are still their parent.

In episode 26, our Licensed Independent Social Worker, Mike gives some great insight on some top issues college students face and what parents can do about them.

1:00- Last week recap
4:00- This is an extended Minute with Mike. 
8:05- Handling the “new”- advice for parents on how to navigate new emotions from their kids. 
13:10- Demand for mental health services is going up. Why?
15:00- Depression and anxiety. Warning signs that go with that. Why talk therapy should be paired with any mediation. 
18:20- Staring early with teaching your kids how to cope. How technology is making that job harder. 
19:00- Why it’s okay to let your kids sit in discomfort. 
24:00- Difference between a bad stretch and clinical diagnosis
26:00- Academics and navigating the new workload
29:30- Suicidal thoughts are more common than you think. Why it’s okay to ask “are you thinking of killing yourself”
32:00- How do you know there is a problem if your child is far away?
33:00- Body image and eating disorders
43:00- Sexual assault and teaching your kids about consent
53:00- Parting words of wisdom and why you probably shouldn’t show up unannounced at your child’s new place. 

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