25. 936 weeks.

936 weeks is how much time you have with your child from birth to age 18. In this week’s episode we talk about transitioning to college after that time is up! We talk to Julie, mom of three who just sent her twin girls to college during a pandemic. 

1:30: Katie & Natalie talk briefly about their drop off experiences at college 
6:00: Sending our kids to college and why we need to make those 936 weeks count. 
7:00: App called Parent Cue that can help you track that time. 
9:45: Welcome Julie!
14:00: Sending your kids to college during a pandemic.
16:00: HIPAA consent forms and why parents should know about them.
17:45: Safety on campus
20:00: Tips for parents to stay connected. Julie recommends the Facebook group Grown & Flown and says usually the college has a Facebook page for parents. 
20:45: Affording college
23:45: Coming back home after drop-off
24:15: Kids still needing you
26:00: Celebrating the accomplishment of launching kids 
28:45: Resources Julie suggests for parents. APP: Life 360. 
30:30: Advice on making moments count 
32:30: FERPA form and why it’s important if you want to see grades
38:00: Minute with Mike
-How involved should parents be?
-Navigating homesickness
-Safety on campus
-Why preparing your kids for college starts when they are young
-When your child should see a social worker on campus 

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