22. How the hell do we answer that?

How the hell do I answer that? You know when someone asks you something and it sends you into a tailspin? Yeah. Us too. This is actually kind of a fun conversation and we will most definitely hit on a questions you’ve been asked too. How the hell do we answer them? Why do they make us feel a certain way? Do they make us feel bad because we compare ourselves to others? Let’s stop that. Let’s support other women, like the social media movement.

Katie and Natalie discuss the movement and why it’s so important.
Katie and Natalie discuss questions they’ve received and how to reframe them. 
At 4:34 What are you doing about school this fall?
At 9:39 How many kids do you have?
At 16:43 What do you have to be depressed about?
At 23:12 How many kids do you want? Are you “trying”?
At 25:00 Are you going to breastfeed?
At 29:23 Are you pregnant?
At 31:31 Are you tired?
At 32:48 Have you lost weight?
At 35:18 What do you do?

-Why do we other people’s questions trigger our own insecurities?
-How do we really build each other up? 

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