19. Beyond sunscreen. Protecting your family’s skin, even inside.

Episode 19. Mom and founder of Skin Authority, Celeste Hilling joins us for an eye opening discussion on skin and protecting it! This episode is full of information that can help keep you and your family’s skin safe.

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-Welcome/intro Celeste 
-Is SPF enough? What we should be looking for on the bottle
-What sunscreen doesn’t protect
-The different kind of rays – UVA/UVF
-Full spectrum is the one you should be looking for
-Why we need to be careful inside too
-Blue light and infrared light
-Real tips
-Teens and tanning
-Sneaky spaces that damage your skin
-Reversing damage
-Skin Authority and why a skin coach can help you.

– Skin Authority – Skin Suit and other products from Celeste
-Calm Optics – blue light blocking glasses for kids, teens and adults

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