17. Do they know you love them even if they lose?

Episode 17. Beyond the game. Parenting tips from the field, the court, the stage or wherever you child goes after school. We sit down with pastor, youth sports coach and dad, Tony Miltenberger.

Tony’s Podcast: The Reclamation Podcast
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-Recap of previous episodes
-Tony discusses “The Great Pause”
-The value of extra-curricular activities
-Identity and extra-curricular activities
-How do you love your kids?

-Giftgowns – washable, reusable masks that are durable and patterned!
-Reshoevn8r – clean your shoes with this great cleaning system for sneakers!
-Boost Oxygen – supplemental oxygen for all your needs (Katie tries it live!)

-The 3 questions you should ask your child after every activity
-How to tell if your emotions have gotten the best of you
-Kids, sports, and social media
-What is a lawnmower parent?
-Does fun always = winning?
-What Is the parents role?
-Do your kids know you love them?
-Speaking words over time to your children

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