16. Good touch, bad touch. How to talk to your kids.

This is an expanded Minute with Mike, our Licensed Independent Social Worker.  We discuss how to talk to your kids about inappropriate touch and what warning signs parents should be on the lookout for. We also talk to a mom who is fighting to get Erin’s Law passed that would require schools to provide education to kids and teachers about child sex abuse. 

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Call 800.656.HOPE (4673) to be connected with a trained staff member from a sexual assault service provider in your area.

We discuss Erin’s Law around 38 minutes into the episode

A Mom’s Life is dedicated to telling stories of others. Views and advice expressed by our guests are not our own and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the hosts or A Mom’s Life staff.
Any insight given by our licensed independent social worker is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  

Natalie and Katie recap last week’s episode, #15 Hidden in plain sight. When teaching becomes touching. 

-A deep discussion with our Licensed Independent Social Worker

-How big of a problem is child sexual abuse?

-Is this more prevalent with boys or girls? 

-Why don’t kids speak up about child sexual abuse? 

-What about the longterm effects? 

-What can parents do? 


-Real tips parents can use

-Getting to know anyone who will be around our kids

-Physical and emotional signs of child sexual abuse

-The importance of naming body parts 

-What should we do if we suspect child sexual abuse?
-Can we trust doctors with our kids?

-Should our children be having sleepovers?

Katie and Natalie sit down with a Mom fighting for Erin’s Law

-This Mom shares her very personal story of child sexual abuse

-She felt the urge to do something 

-The action she took

-An overview of Erin’s Law

-The eye-opening way she teachers her kids about good touch vs. bad touch

-Advice for parents in a similar situation

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